Good morning,'s FRIDAY

For those of you old enuf to remember the movie Heavy Metal. Don Felder doin' Heavy Metal from the sound track.

Kenny Cheesing! LOL

Super Group-Big People-With the untimely death of Benjamin Orr from the Cars in 2000 from pancreatic cancer, the band called it quits. These guys were some of the best musicians going. From left to right. Pat Travers from The Pat Travers Band, Liberty Devito from Billy Joel on percussion, Benjamin Orr from the Cars, Derek St Holmes from Ted Nugent and Jeff Carlisi from 38 Special.

Canadian rock icon Kim Mitchell. Kim's original band was Max Webster. If you wanna know how old I am, they played at my high school. Kim has a big following in NY and just played there recently. Time stamp 3:42 you'll see Kim point at someone and smile. None other than Scoob himself holding up a sign saying See You At Your Next Gig! Look closely at the keyboardist. That's Ray Coburn from Supertramp.

After the tragic death of SRV, Chris Layton on drums and Tommy Shannon on bass from SRV teamed up with the Doyle Brabham and Charlie Sexton to form The Arc Angels. Here they are doin' Sent By Angels. Note, the last interview I watched with Tommy he said he had given up playing live.

SRV and the boys played Austin City Limits twice...with this being their last show. SRV had added Reese Wynans on keyboards to fill out the band...and damn the keyboards sound good. I was fortunate to see SRV at Canadas Wonderland and Maple Leaf Gardens. I've see some guitar saves...but nothing like this. Watch Stevie eye his guitar tech...and swap out without missing a note.

I'm giving away my age. Back in the day you'd put your TV on channel 57...turn off the volume. Turn your FM receiver to 104.5 CHUM FM to listen to it in stereo and watch it live on TV. Up here it was called Simulcast out of Toronto. Goddo were the bad boys of Rock N Roll in Canada. Led by Greg Godovitz on vocals/bass, Gino Scarpelli on guitar and the late Doug Inglis on drums, these guys were something else. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, AN ACT OF GODDO!!!!!!!!!!!