Good welders in Philly area


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Jul 5, 2003
Looking for someone in the Philly area that has expereince in welding the headers on these cars. Anyone recommend anyone>?
i thought about doing that, but i really want to keep the headers ont he car if possible
I don't know anyone who can or who has had the headers welded (while they were) on the cars if that is what you mean. The crack usually extended along the runners so you need to take them off to be fixed properly. If you are in a hurry you may want to purchase a second set that has been repaired already and do an exchange then have someone fix the originals and keep them on the shelf in case you need them. any good welder can fix them. some guys bolt them up on heads before doing the repair work so they don't warp/distort. Some Buick dealers used to charge the same price for an exchange as they did for the repair. Jack Cotton may charge you repair costs but still ship you his repaired headers and expect you to send your old ones back. this way you only have to spend time to exchange them and the cost is the same. give him a call....