Aug 5, 2004
1987 NOS ignition coil, AC/DELCO number 24502371. $80
2 New MSD ignition coils, part number 8224 They are for type II ignition systems. $70 for both
SCE exhaust manifold gaskets, pro copper embossed. $50
K&N cone air filter, 12'' long and 5 3/4'' opening. $30
Limited quarter panel emblem. $15
One rear bumper shock. $25
Rear bumper filler panels. $160
20 aftermarket chrome lug nuts with 4 locks. 1/2 x 20 with 3/4 shank. $25
Left side chrome headlight bezel, driver condition. $30
NA v8 radiator top plate. $25
New zinc plated bolts, 207 pcs. 8mm x 1.25''. wont rust. $15
'85 Turbo to intake adapter, includes both ''o'' rings. $25
water pump & crankshaft pulleys. $25 for both
Engine fan with newer fan clutch. $28
Air conditioning accumulator. $35
Refrigerant line, from evaporator core to condenser. $30
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Picture of bolts.


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Bumper shock has been sold. Also SCE gaskets have been sold. All other parts are still for sale.