got my Kappa'a but the 6x9s dont fit :(


Pit Bitch
May 24, 2001
i just got my Kappa's and the 3.5 and the 5.25 components sound awesome! i cant wait till i get an amp, but they sound a hell of a lot better then stock!

any waymy 6x9s are to deep for the rear deck. is there any angle spacer that will angle them back out of the way of the truck rods?

Are the 6x9's Infinity Kappas?

I have those exact speakers, and they fit just fine w/ the adapters I bought from Circuit City.

I had the same problem your having. I got the cerwin vega 6x9's, and they are huge. I ended up pulling the rear seat, ripping out the crappy installation, pulling off the rear deck,then with me in the car reaching through into the trunk and my dad in the trunk, I held the 6x9's up in the hole sqeezing them in as best I could while my dad put screws in from the bottom, we could only get 3 screws each, and the speakers don't fit flush but damn close. No more messing with that piece of crap speaker hanger. They are the last set of speakers that will go in the car, so I won't have to go through it all to change speakers anytime soon. It looks really clean and took about an hour.
I did something similar. I drilled screws through the adaptor plates and then through the rear deck, fastening the speakers directly to the back deck to eliminate those worthless coat hanger adaptors they give you. (Geez I hate those things). I also glued some foam strips to the tops of the adaptors before pushing them against the bottom of the rear deck to eliminate rattles and vibrations. Also glued some foam to the magnets so they wouldn't chatter against the trunk rods. Worked like a charm.

Good luck.