govenor id


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May 26, 2001
I would like to know a few more tidbits about the brf govenor.I got an orange body and one spring ,but is it normal for the other weight to just flop around?It has a cut like there is suppose to be a spring on the other side(normal or not).I have a blue one with two springs and a big weight in it now and seems to work great,switched to the orange one and second gear would wind out way to far,had to let out of it.
Your description of the BRF governor is accurate. If your transmission is not acting right with that governor, it's likely that you do not have a BRF calibrated valve body.

Is your transmission an 86/87 BRF?
Yes it is a BR valvebody.Here is the story.Last year tranny worked great had motor problems,pulled the motor and trans and put the trans in the corner of the shed(jump to this year)put new motor and trans back in(trans didn't even have the pan off,same fluid ,etc)Worked good for about 25-30 miles then 1-2 shift was a little soft,checked t.v etc all good figured i would pull pan and look things over, i shimmed the 1-2 servo alittle tighter(PMAC KIT)and thats when i also noticed the govenor,changed that from the blue to the orange.and thats where i am at.Still a soft 1-2. FYI the fluid looked good.Trans only has 500-600 miles on it.