Grand National GNX offset wheels and tires for sale


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Nov 17, 2011
Set of G-body GNX style alloy wheels which I purchased 5 months ago. The wheels are in perfect condition. No curb rash, paint shimmers in the sunlight. I paid a total of $2100.00 for wheels and tires not including shipping or taxes.

Here’s what you get for $1,700 dollars.

2x front 18x8 GN honey combs
2x front Sumittomo 235/40r18 with 90-95 percent thread left

2x rear 18x9 GN honey combs (offset)
2x rear Sumittomo 255/45r18 also with 90-95 percent thread left

Again, these wheels are in excellent condition. I maybe put 500 miles on them.

If wheels/tires do not sold by next week the 17th I will take the add off and keep my wheels.

Good luck.


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Hello Mike- sorry for not getting back to you sooner but the wheels have sold. I need to update the post.