Grimm Speed MBC and Innovative wideband


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Feb 10, 2013
Selling My grimm speed mbc and Innovative wideband with summit racing wb gauge. The car is currently hard parked and parts still installed. The mbc is red and is missing 1 screw for the mounting bracket (does not hurt function or mounting ability. It is the most accurate mbc you can buy. With my tial gate 1 click equals 1/4 boost like a champ. 4 clicks equals 1 psi increase in boost. $75 shipped. **SOLD**

Next up is an innovative wb controller with summit racing digital gauge. Bosh sensor that was bought last winter. Gauge reads .3 lean from my buddies high dollar dyno gauge but if you log with log works or directly off the controller it's dead nuts accurate. $75 shipped.

I can get pics upon request.
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Wide band works flawless. Can be calibrated to open air. I'll include the momentary button and led that is used for configuration as trouble shoot mode.


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