GS Nationals Schedule Update!!! Please Read!!!


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May 25, 2001
Sept. 13 - 16, 2017
Wednesday 13th - Track Open, No Racing, No Gate Fee!! Drop off trailer, Set-up, Rest, Relax, Be Social, Have Fun!
Hello Everyone
We are doing all we can to make your attendance of our Nationals as pleasant and rewarding as possible. At this time, there's a very good chance of rain in Bowling Green on Tuesday. Rain to some extent on Wednesday is also likely. So with this in mind, we've cancelled our Wednesday racing program. Instead, we're using Wednesday as a "calm down & settle in day" to get a little R&R from all of the goings-on of the last 2-3 weeks.
So all day Wednesday, the track will be open to come on inside, visit with friends and drop off your trailers; or whatever. Just come on out to the track and hang out with your friends. Let's use it as a social day. There will be no fee to enter the track on Wednesday. At this time, everything will commence "officially" on Thursday. According to the airport weather station in Bowling Green, Friday and Saturday are said to look very good for us.
Our goal is to do all the racing we're able to from Thursday through Saturday. Evening racing, or whatever .... we'll try to do it. There's also the Friday Car Show with our free Ice Cream Social sponsored by Penn Grade 1 and catered by Brusters Ice Cream. On Saturday, we'll have our complete all day racing schedule. We plan to do all the racing we can to make up for anything we miss. Until then, please stay safe where-ever you are, and stay tuned for any updates.
GSCA President
Richard Lasseter