Dathan, where do you go shooting at? We'll have to get together and do some shooting when I get moved out there. Hopefully by the end of Dec.
Sorry about stealin this thread ;) NOT
Tarey D.

i shoot where ever they will not ticket me :) mostly in the desert north of my parents house but that is slowly becoming more and more residental.

ben avery is a nice range but the people that run it are close to the gestopo(ya i spelled that wrong) causwell is a private indoor range that is prolly one of the best around. there are several others mostly i shot hand guns in the desert and long rifle at ben.

i am actully going shooting saturday. i will post a few groups :)

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I bought a SW99 9mm about a year ago when they first came out. If you have a samller hand, and want the (James Bond 007) gun , this is the one for you... Like said above, The only way to buy a gun that best fits you is to go handle/shoot them...

Good luck..
IMO the ruger's are to darn (top heavy)..;)

i thought the 'James Bond' gun was a Walther (sp?) PPK? my dad has one of those and its not a 9mm, its a .380 that round is the same diameter as a 9mm, but it is shorter... many times at the range we have tryed (accdently of course) to stuff 9mm into the PPK, but it dosent work :confused: lol

my dad also has a .44 Magnum, that thing scares me, he one time loaded the thing for me, but in one of the chambers put an already spent cartrage, just to see how bad i jerked when i fired that thing, man, i almost whacked my self in the forehead.. lol i guess i still jump fearing that recoil..
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i thought the 'James Bond' gun was a Walther (sp?) PPK?

Yes, S@W went in with Walther to make this gun... One side says Walther, the other S@W...

Walther also makes the ppk...


im not a gun expert but ive been working with small arms for the navy for 14 years. what ive found out is that even a relatively inexpensive weapon can be a good weapon if in the right hands. what i mean is, if its comfortable in your hand, your financial status, your fundamental shooting skills. if youre a good shot you wont need anything bigger than 9mm, for protecting your home use 9mm frangible rounds that shatter on impact so you dont shoot thru your neighbors wall if you miss an assailant. glock makes the most reliable weapon in my experience. but theyre pricey around 6-700 bones. berretta makes a sweet gat for around 500. s&w 500. ruger maybe a bit less. 9mm is pretty cheap if you buy bulk from online ammo stores. my favorite weapon is the 1911 you could get one from rock river arms thru the shotgun news for about 400 bucks. youll need a dealer to order from the SGN. its a sweet gun. kimber 45's are around 6-900 bucks, a springfield operator runs about the same. but if moneys no object, id personaly get a glock 30's series chambered in sig357, an awesome round the size of a 9mm but with magnum stopping power. im also a big advocate of revolvers, i have a 586 s&w .357 witha 2 1/2in barrel that kick a$$!!. in the end its all about what your comfortable with and what you can afford. but i strongly advise takin a class because theres all sorts of laws regulating what you can and cannot do and you should be aware of these laws just in case you have to do some trigger time on some bastard in your home. and thats all i havta say about that. be cool bro. :cool: