Guy's, I need a chip.

what injectors?
If stock, I will sell a thrasher 92, thrasher 100, and a hypertec for 50.00 shipped.
get a custom chip from mike my car runs unbielievable
with his chip
ES1, I have 42.5 009's. But thanks.

METT, Is their a web site i can go to of phone number? Something?
Never mind, I figured it out. Duhh.

METT, what chip did you get? Street, race? What are the specs? What is your set up?
i have the extender chip for 009s but my chip is setup for the use wit ha translator plus,so the chip is actually a 98 octane/alky chip
but with the translator plus i can add timing to make it a race ship or retard the timing for pump fuel or anywhere in between
timing is adjusted with the turn of a dial
slightly costly but the car runs incredible
both in street mode and race mode
read my sig the times are with conservative timing
not street but not full race either
Thanks METT, I'm going to give mike a call.

ES1, how can I get in contact with Jim?

Any other suggestions from anyone else?

Thanks Guys.