Guys, I need help on this one.


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Oct 23, 2001
where do I start? about 8 months ago I went to eric rankins dyno day. I jsut put in a atr roller kit ni the car. Car made 459 rwhp at 23 psi. I was very happy, car ran awesome. 2 months later I am driving on the highway and the car made a massive backfire and shut off. I pulled off and checked somethings out, took the cap off the cam sensor and saw the screw in the middle of the reluctur ring gotten loose! I finally got it hone and replaced the cam sensor body with another one. Well, the car ran extremely rich and rough idle. I must of checked to see if it was out 180 15 times. So I thought it was the headgaskets. I put new ones in finally (cometics), got a good deal on a ME-R and slapped that in. Well, same freaking problem! , it is running so rich there is gas in my oil, I cant drive the freaking car! SO this is whats going on:
I dont have a maf (ME-R)
The plugs become black in minutes
got no vaccuum leak that I can find
the cam sensor has the ORIG cap
new ecm,checked grounds,volts 14.1
fuel pressure is 42 wih vac off
I cannot lower the iac points.
scanmaster says:
tps .42
NOW. IS it possible my double timing chain skiped a bunch of teeth?? ATR says to put tensioner but I didnt.
COuld the cap of the cam sensor be bad?
I dont know what to do. I would appreciate any help
Not likley...

If the chain has "jumped a few teeth" it would be most likely the valves, or at least some push rods, would be bent. Do a compression test to verify.
While you have the valve covers off checking the valvetrain, reset the cam sensor.... I'm betting thats what's wrong. [if none of the above is found.]

Get a sensor setting tool and be sure it's right.
chuck, while heads were off. valves were checked. I use casper cam tool as well. I installed the cam when the driver side valve cover was off. Bothrockers on #1 were up with the harmonic balancer at the right place. So I know the cam sensor was installed right. Radius, I got a spare ign/coil I was planning to install today. anything else????