H&R Rear Control arm boxing kit.


Jun 22, 2003
I'm going to install a rear control arm boxing kit from H&R. (a turbo buick sponsor) I have 2 wierd questions. What the heck are the washers for?It looked to me that they go under the plates for the lower arm hold the plates at the correct height and place when welding? What is a good durable brand of paint to coat the arms with. I want them to look stock, or at least like they belong and havn't been hacked up when done.
Don't know about the washers, call Paul.
Paint them with POR 15 it's some BAD A$$ paint.
Tarey D.
Originally posted by Gnx6
Where can I find this paint?
Actually, i think they only do mail order :

I agree it's super-dureable & chip resistant, although hard to work with.

READ and FOLLOW all its instructions ;)

You'll probably want to use POR15 Rust-Preventive semi-gloss black, closer to OEM finish. Since it won't see sun (UV), don't really need a topcoat (eg Chassis Black) unless you're obsessive (like me).

Buy the smallest quantity, 'cause it hardens in the can within 2 months after opening (some kind of moisture cured polyurethane).
Do NOT get that paint on your skin....(POR-15)

I was not very careful (in spite of their directions) the last time I used that paint, thinking the stuff would come off with a little paint thinner. NOT !!

That stuff was on my hand for a week. Looked great having black paint on your hands everywhere you go. I thought the stuff was tatooed on me for ever...

Use those surgical gloves and clothes you never want to put on again.