Half a kill


Came up against a '67 stingray that had a 383 stroker w/ a 4-speed. I had my buddy in the car, the corvette driver was alone. The 1st time we did a kick I pulled a little on him then I slowed down. The second time we kicked I erred and got on the throttle too late and he pulled me on that kick. Can't wait till I fill safe to turn my boost up, as I'm only running 12lbs. Oh well, I'll settle for 1and1, for now. Still tuning!
From a roll, use the brakes to spool the turbo. If you are slightly behind, him he won't see your brake lights and won't know what will hit him (for a few seconds at least). When the TR was new, Car and Driver said it had the fastest passing time (40-70) of any production car ever tested at the time and I'm sure they used this technique.