Hand Knurling Crankshaft


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Has anyone everput a fine knurl on a non knurled crank by hand and have succses in stopping a rear main from leaking....
why does the Buick crank need to be knurled? i don't think any other American engine built since the late 60's has had to have the knurl.
After much research the knurling acts as a pump to pump away excess oil from seal ,but from looking at different cranks I have seen all kinds of knurling .....from fine lines that hardy lubricate seal .to deep grooves that the seal will ride on the tip of the lines to lub the seal which I believe is needed,,,know what is the proper way to set a knurl,should seal ride on lines
Dont know where ya live but I have had 2 cranks done by mike who lives in indiana and let me tell ya could never get them to stop B4 went with about 4 different main seals, and now not a drop!!! even after running it @ the track no leak..

contact Lee Thomphon with a pm on here, he will set ya up