Handed it to Two Cobras today

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Well i was out running some errands today and i pull up on a white mid 90's cobra. It was white and had black taillight grills.
and was sitting pretty low. He made sure i heard his aftermarket exhaust. As he was revving and lunging his car in whatever gear probably second. I said why don't ya hang back here and we'll catch a light. He was cool and said ok. So the next light we get to turns red. He hears me bring my boost up to like 0 and i guess figured he was gonna have to do something. His tires were up in smoke as i pulled a length and a half on him 0-60. Then i'm out again earlier tonight around 9 pm and i see a new body style mustang. I turn around and go check it out. Its a Red Cobra witha Nitrous express license frame. I asked him how big a shot he had and the passenger said it wasn't on yet. Anyways the car sounded good. After trying to catch a light with no success he Asks if i wana do it on the interstate. so i said sure. We pull along side each other at about 60 and punch it. I had 3-4 lengths on him in seconds. Would have had many more if we stayed in it. I guess i should let the mustangs come pick on me. But i just put this '87 motor in my '85 car earlier this summer. Well thats 3 cobra's and 2 LT1's so far. The ones that give me the most trouble are the 5'0s. One dude had a vortech supercharger and i pulled slightly on him until he hit the nitrous. And another has THe holley systemax intake and heads. That car wasn't slow either. Ran right along with me. I would have had him at a light.
Lane Gordon
Fast Lane
'85 GN ('87 motor/lookalike) te-44, 42lb bosch, 210-205 cam, etc. Lubrant 93 chip runin 16lbs boost.
Good kills, when will those slobras ever learn :), anyways your cobination is very similiar to mine, but do you have the stock converter and if so what size housing are you running on that 44 turbo... is it the 63??
i'm running a 2800 stall red stripe torque converter. As for the housing on the turbo all i know is it is a te-44. I bought a complete motor off a guy and just dropped it in the car
Lane Gordon
My car also has a 2800 stall speed converter and we run the 63 housing. Reason I asked was I heard the 82 is a little laggy with the stock converter and that a 2800 stall really doesn't help much either. Although I have heard you can gain up to 2 tenths or 20 hsp with the 82 housing. Thanks for the info.:cool:
I must have the smaller housing, mine spools like a banshee
My also spools like a bat outa hell with no lag and from talking to a guy I know with the 82 housing you really need a 9 inch converter with a 3200 stall speed to have it spool just as hard as it does with the smaller 63.