Harland sharp ratio?

Matt McClung

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Sep 18, 2001
I’m putting an engine back together and was setting the preload on the lifters. I have Harland sharp rockers and I found a couple of the adjusters difficult to turn, so I backed them out and found the adjusting screw has broken on a couple of the arms. I see on Harland sharp’s website that I can purchase new arms individually, however I want to make sure of the ratio. I believe they are 1.55 but I cannot find my paperwork. Does anyone know a way of telling the arm ratio apart? There is nothing stamped on the part. If not I’ll wait to call Harland sharp in the morning.

Thank you
When it comes to identifying the ratio on rockers, Harland Sharp suck (I have/had several sets). Most of the other manufactures mark there rockers, why HS doesn't baffles me. There is a formula, it requires you to measure (with a micrometer) the dimensions between the center of the rocker to center of roller and center of rocker to center of pushrod cup. Don't quite remember the formula but you can google it (if not lmk and i'll try and find it.
Just found this on Jegs:

Example Of How To Determine Rocker Arm Ratio

The distance between the centerline of the rocker pivot to the pushrod center is 2". The distance between the centerline of the rocker pivot to the valve stem center is 3". The ratio formula = pivot to valve stem center distance / pivot to push rod center distance.


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