Harsh Reminder

Excellent reminder. It can’t be said enough. It makes me sick when I see people working with out jack stands.
I've Had Two New Aluminum Racing Jacks Fail On Me. I Aaalllwwwaaayyyss Use Jack Stands. My Father Has Two Old Jacks That Leak Like A Son Of A Gun And Have Never Ever Failed And I Still Use Stands With Them. By The Way It Was Two Pretty Heavy Cars Too That Fell. One Was My 89 Volvo 760 And I Was Only Jacking Up The Front Passenger Side, The Other Was The Passenger Side Rear Quarter Of A Freshly Painted 70 Chevelle. I Jacked The Chevelle Up And Removed The Tire, Opened The Door And Shut The Door Just Before The Jacked Failed And The Car Slammed To The Ground. If I Hadn't Shut The Door The Handle Would Have Destroyed That Door.
Never Ever Use A Jack Without Stands. I Don't Think They Can Put A Crushed Skull In A Cast?!?!?