Hatch release mechanism

Captain Mark

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Oct 28, 2002
It will grab the hatch and pull it down just a little, but not all the way. Then once it is down as far as it will go, it is kinda loose. How big of a pain in the butt is this to fix? Don't look like much fun. Any help would be appreciated.

Lee, I tried to click on the FAQ section concerning this, and I couldn't get it to work.

Thanks for the heads up about the FAQ link. All the links work now :)

They changed something in their catalog that nullified the old address....I've replaced the old link with a link to their home page - You'll have to click on the pictures to get all the info about ordering. They have struts for the hood and hatch too. I didn't see any instructions, but, they may be included with the replacement parts :)

Best of luck in troubleshooting your mechanism.


P.S. Bought a lot on the Brazos River in Granbury :) Will build in a year or so....
You really have to take a look to see what is wrong with it. It sounds like the motor is working but it is just out of adjustment or maybe bad gears. If it is the gear, I bought a new one from the Chevy dealer for $3 and it fixed my problem.
I found the problem. There are some small clear plastic pieces that hold the mechanism in place using small metal screws. When the plastic piece broke, the screws, no longer held in place correctly, loosened the mechanism, thus making the hatch loose and not closing all the way.

That probably doesn't make sense, but the bottom line is, I finally found it! :)

Good for you Lee. I think you will love it down there. It was sunny and in the '60's here today!
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I had the same problem with mine. GM used a cheep plastic mount for that. Top-Down has a rebuild kit or a new kit with metal brackets. I ordered the rebuild kit and had it in a few days.


Just ordered the rebuild kit for $72 bucks. The GM dealership said they could only order the whole assembly for $488!

It's always something isn't it!!:mad:
Glad I could help. I went for three weeks without being able to use my hatch. It's a was a real pain when I took off the t-tops.
Got my rebuild kit Friday in the mail. It took me all of about 20 minutes to fix it. Very nice little kit for our cars.