Hate to ask....But


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May 31, 2001
Ran into a problem yesterday. Went to start up my GN. It has 4,500 org. mi. So it doesn't get a lot of use.

Anyway dis connected orange wire to get oil up to block.

Hooked the wire back up. Started fine. Let it run.

Shut it off. Now have a buzzing sound that seems to come from,
right side of engine bay. How do you check sensors. And has anyone run into this problem. If I dis-connect battery noise goes away.

Need to isolate the noise. Car seems to run OK. TPS is off though.
Can anyone Help??? Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks,
For any suggestions
Sounds like power antenna (if equipped) crapped out. Find the 3 wire plug over by the blower motor (black, green and white wires if memory serves me) and unplug it to see if the noise stops.

Jim, Thank you for that one. Had looked at the sensor positions in archives. Didn't figure that one.

Meanwhile the high mileage Limited keeps on going. Go figure.

Many thanks.

PS. Wasn't bragging,who cares. Just trying to give as much information as possible.

By the way what is a "low mileage alert, missed it"

Appreciate the help. thanks again....Rob
Well now, that is funny. I guess I take things a little serious.

Gotta lighten up.
Thanks Strikeeagal.......Happy New Year.....I'll try to smile more.

I would have guessed either the power antenna, or the wastegate solenoid (it buzzes, when stuck on, the mis-adjusted TPS can be causing it to be on).