Have the limits of a PTE52 been reached yet? or How fast will they go?

Boston GN

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With all this talk about failing 51s among other things, I am curious to see how fast we have gone on the 52s. I just purchased one but the car is currently being restored and I have yet to drive it with this turbo.
How fast have we gone on the 52s? and what can I expect out of it?
Combo is below plus add in there a Yank 3200 converter.
Thanks in advance
From what I've heard the PT52 turbo has gone 10.80's. I would think with your combo you should at least see a low 11 at about 120mph with a decent tune running about 22 - 24lbs of boost with a 1.6 60'. You might want to get some 50lb injectors to be on the safe side or better yet get some 55's if you'd like to run a high 10. Just my .02 :)
if you bought it new they will fix it once so have at it..;)

i wouldnt wait forever tho i would go turn it up and run the **** out of it and see what it will take now instead of later.

it shouldnt have to spin as hard as a 51 to make the same power so it should go a little faster before running into problems..

get you some 116 fuel throw in a race chip and start cranking the boost...you should be able to blow head gaskets slam out the motor over boosting before a turbo should even sweat.

i work on desiels and drive them with turbo's on them and watch anywere from 25-30# of boost for long long periods of time and they can go 3-400,000 miles so nobody will convince me that im too hard on one.