Header Removal


Jul 4, 2004
I started to remove the drivers side header so I can have the infamous crack welded and I have a couple of questions.

1.) How do you get the last top bolt out by the steering knuckle? I've tried a standard deep well socket with 3/8 ratchet from top or bottom and cannot get to it. Any advice?

2.) While removing the dipstick bracket I must have pushed the dipstick tub up too high and now it appears really loose. Does this mean it came out of the block? If so, what's the process to put it back in? Sorry if that questions sounds stupid -- I just want to make sure I put everything back to together correctly.

Thanks in advance for responding.

For the bolt I actaully have jacked the car up removed the wheel and been able to get from the wheel well. Some cars are different but usually able to get it. Other than that I use an offset box or a ratcheting box.

For the dipstick, it only pushes into the block, you just push it back into the block. If you want to get fancy, pull out the dip stick, pull the tube from the block, clean all areas with brake cleaner, place a small thin layer of O2 sensro save black RTV or the RIGHT STUFF just below the bump at the bottom of the dipstick tube. Reinsert it into the block it goes in with little force. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the information. I will attempt the last bolt again shortly. The other bolts came out pretty easy so I hope this one does too. I did however notice my header has a small dent in the last exhaust port towards the bottom. I'm not sure how that happended but it's in fact there. Should I be concerned about that (for performance reasons)?

Do yourself a favor and replace the stock header(assuming it's the stock one). Most people, including me have found that repairing the stock header is only a temporary solution. It will crack again.
For that bolt i use a deep socket with a 3/8 breaker bar.

Dipstick tube pull it out to remove header it inserts inside the block after
replacing header

That dent is made into the header--ease of installation @ the factory.
Weld a gussett (triangle piece ) in between where # 3 and #5 go into the runner.--It works!!!!!