All Throttle... No Bottle
Jul 9, 2001
My 87T still has the factory radio in it. Unfortunately it dosent work. I'm looking for a double-din radio preferrably another factory GM radio w/CD. Anyone know where I can get one? Thx.
A double din will not fit into the place of a 1.5 din factory Delco chassis. Most any 1.5 din Delco will fit with some minor modification. '95 and up full size Chevy truck, and '93 and up F-bodys will fit. You will need to either fabricate a harness or purchase one to fit the GNs.
Originally posted by Wht87T
i thought it was a double-din. sry.

No need to be sorry!! We are here to help people answer questions. There are plenty of alternatives to adding a nice CD player in place of the stocker whether it is aftermarket or factory. If you look through previous posts on this board, you will find more options and even pics for a CD player.