Heart in concert...anyone in CT see them at Foxwoods tonite?

I wanted to go but my wife went to the Cape with her girlfriend this weekend. I've wanted to see them for a long time but it never works out.
I saw Ian Anderson at Mohegan Sun doing "Thick As A Brick" it was a classic performance. :cool:

I missed the Heart show but saw them when they were physically HOT many years ago. ;)

Dated. :p
Actually Nancy still is pretty hot! Hard to believe she is 58. Ann has slimmed down quite a bit, voice is still unreal.
58? Too old for me. :eek::p

It's always a good show when they can still sing. :cool:

Going to the Who in Dec. at Mohegan Sun for Quadrophenia, I am hoping but not expecting a great vocal perfomance..... :(

Ann was also thin in the mid 70's............... I think....... ;):D
Telling me you would turn this down? Meaning Nancy of course, (red head for the young-ins)
11672326-large (1).jpg
That's a good pic. and no I wouldn't turn either down. :D

The age just shocked me a bit. :eek:
Mark spends to much time at the convalesent home. I bet after a hards days work anything under 70 probably looks good.

Allan G.

I have seen enough that I never want to be in one. Told my wife to leave me outside on a cold winter day and report me missing in two or three days.
Yeah I hear ya, I used to install and service Nurse Call Systems, I'd never want to be in one of those places. :eek::(
Did you see the both of them on the Metal Show on VH1 Classic about 2 weeks ago? Sounds like they have a rockin new cd out.
I saw them at Billy Bobs about 2 years ago, had awesome seats on the 2nd row in front of Nancy. They definitly still rock it out.
I saw Heart last year when they opened up for Dep Leppard. Yes Ann can still hit the high octave notes of "Magic Man" and "Straight Over You" like she did on the original records from the 70's.