heating up and taping


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I dont have a temp gauge but it seems that my car is heating upbad i have a 87 rad but a frount mount intercooler i dont know if this is the problem it does have a 160 stat . My tran starts shifting crazy to it like every thing is getting way to hot. It seem as i have some press build up in the engine i am getting oil from the breather on to my vavle cover and starting to leak a little from the stat gasket ,it also fell like there is some press in the rad top hose sould this hose be hard to push on when it running. the car runs going when first started but then starts taping bad from the rockers could it be heating up and thining the oil out to much,it only taps when hot.

thank i know its long but i need as much help as i can get
Blown head gasket? I know this wont cause all of your symptoms but check your PCV valve just in case it is clogged and causing oil to blow in the breather. Make sure your oil isn't starting to look like a milkshake.