Hello from germany


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Hi @ everybody...

well, what shoult i write ?

my name is sven and i come from west- west germany, near the boarder to the netherlands. i´ve 3 cars:

- chevy caprice coupe´ 1979
- bmw e39

and last but not least a beautifl blue buick regal from ´91.

but sice one year 1´ve big problems with the buick...

the powermaster braking unit makes me crazy.

i´ve also bought one in the netherlands on a yunkyard, but also this one doesn´t work up till now... (remember: one year is over... :( ).

so i´m normally a good machanical so i´m not afraid of build in- build out, trying everything to make it work...

but now i´m going to read, read and read to hape that s.o. can help me.

on autozone i´ve read everything about the PM III, nothing of this works till now. also i gave the car in 2 different workshops. no one is able here to find the error. so i hope i´ll find something here ;)