Help! Hesitating when accelerating


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I just put my engine back in after replacing all the gaskets, and now my engine wants to stall when I accelerate than it takes off and runs fine. I set the tps to .40 volt, set the cam sensor to read 0volts @ 25 deg after TDC. the Fuel pressure is running at 40psi, I put new plugs and wires. The only thing I have not set is the waste gate, I still don’t know how to adjust it. I wont know what steps to take next.:confused:
Thanx for the tip.
I think I found the problem.
I had the Cam sensor off by 180 deg. after I turned it 180 the car runs fine now. Next I have to fix an exhaust leak on the passenger side header. the gaskets that the auto parts sell wont fit the head. I think I need to buy a gasket for an 86 buick lasaber.