Help Identify

Can anyone help identify this chip. I took it out of a car i bought. Thanks in advance.
I believe I have the same chip. It is an old Red Armstrong (15 years) chip. It is a race chip (thus the R) designed by Red to be used with 93 Octane fuel. Company was Quad Air Inc., I think Humble, Tx, one of the “Greats” of GN race history. Set all the Speed records an ET’s back in the early and mid 90’s. May still be around, not sure of details timing, lock-up/ non-lockup etc. I think on street the transmission would feel like slipping 45 mph (race Chip!!)

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It's my Granny's car!
R don't mean race I believe it means Red. 93 is street chip for 93 octane, 100 for 100 oct, 106/107/108 etc. They are rich and have lotsa timing. No tuning but fuel psi and using boost rod to +- the boost. Went 12.15 with R93 but dropped to 11.77 with Translator Gen2 Extreme G chip and LS1 maf at same boost level. Tech has come a long way.