Help me choose- HR parts bar or telstar wheels


My cars suck
Jul 24, 2001
I need help deciding which of these two items I should ask for for christmas. My mom likes to get me something "big", so either one of these would fit the bill. I have the ATR rear sway bar now, but unfortunatly haven't got to really test it out. I've wanted the Centerline telstars for the GN for a long time, but they aren't going to make it faster. My goal is a 10.99 pass in the 1/4, and the car has never hooked. I had the mph for 10's last year, but no traction. Right now I'm leaning towards the wheels, since it looks like the sway bars won't be available until later on, and since its the kind of thing I wouldn't buy myself. I already have a set of draglites for the strip, but still using my stock rims for the street, and they are getting boring.

Luckily the two "big" items I want are actually "big", mom was kinda pissed last year when she bought me the dual in tank pumps from quad air. I opened it, and I was like "cool", and she was like "wheres the rest of it?" $500 for fuel pumps in a little box wasn't what she had in mind. Women don't get it.
They'll keep ya smiling for a long time....and constantly. Or better yet, ask yourself,"What would impress the girls more; nice rims or a couple tenths?"
In the meantime, say something nice to your Mom for me, I could use some new wheels myself!:D
Yeah, moms cool. She bought me the welds for christmas 3 years ago. She's funny though, because she thinks the price should dictate the physical size of the item, but she spends like $1000 on clothes for my sister for xmas, and thats OK? She bought me a suit this summer and we spent around $600, and it was no big deal, but man she was mad about those pumps costing 5 bills.