Help me place a value on my car, ref Insurance

So, I've recently completed winter mods on my car and plan on starting to drive it a lot again...right after I buy a "new" Powermaster unit next week (always something right? :))

God forbid I wreck it or it's stolen I don't want to be fighting to get a decent value for it. I've done that in the past with another vehicle and it's absolutely no fun.

So, I contacted my insurance company about insuring it at a stated value and was told to give them a value in which I want to insure it for.

It's a 32k mile bench seat/column shift '87 Limited. 85% of the mods have 0 miles on them and pretty much everything else has less than 5k...needless to say pretty much everything is in great condition. I would give the exterior an 8 with original paint with very few blemishes and dents and the interior a 9. Zero rust.

The only thing it has going against it is this: It was re-vinned and received a salvage history in the early nineties due to a theft, but was never wrecked, damaged, parted, does not have a salvage title, just an interesting carfax report.

Take a look below and tell me what you think it's worth. I'm trying to avoid this being one of those "What's my car worth? I want to sell it" threads as it's so that I can cover my butt with insurance if the worst happens. I realize a car is only worth what someone would pay for it, so what do you guys think a smart amount would be for me to place on it? What would cover finding something in the same condition or close and bringing it back to the same level? The market always changes so much and values go up and down, I really don't know what it's worth and usually when I see something in similar condition it's on ebay or something similar and someone is asking a ridiculous price.

Here is a mod list, just ignore the little stuff...I basically copy and pasted from a word file I have...

Spectre Air Filter, ATR SS Crossflow Exhaust, Terry Houston 3” Downpipe, QTP Electric Exhaust Cut-Out, QBoost In-Car Boost Controller, EBay High-Flow Catalytic Converter, Full Throttle Speed 4” MAF Pipe & MAF Translator, Limit Engineering GT70 P-Trim Turbo w/ HD Actuator, TR Custom Parts Super Extreme Front Mount Intercooler (27x17x3” core), Razor’s Alcohol Injection Kit, Flow Matched Delphi/Lucas 79lb Injectors, Walbro 340 Fuel Pump w/ Casper’s Hotwire Kit, Kirban Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Bilstein Shocks, Rear Air Bag Kit, Kirban Driveshaft Loop, Large Rear Pinion Snubber, Centerline Convo-Pro Wheels, Kirban Soft Compound Rear Brake Shoes, 275/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET Drag Radials, ScanMaster 2.1, ORiS Boost Gauge, Casper’s Knock Gauge, Under-Hood Fuel Pressure Gauge, TurboTweak 79lb Injector Alcohol Chip & Emissions Chip, VDO Water Temperature, Voltage, & Oil Pressure Gauges, Competition Valve Job, Gasket Match Intake Ports, RJC Bullet-Proof Head Gasket Kit, RJC Rocker Shaft Supports, Manley Severe Duty Intake & Exhaust Valves, Kirban Torque Strap, Valve Cover Breathers, RJC Biggie Oil Filter Adapter, Hypertech 160 Degree Thermostat, TR Custom Parts Aluminum Radiator, Earl Brown Modified GM Timing Cover, Full Throttle Speed 210/215 Revolution X Roller Cam Kit, RJC Power Plate, Home Ported Stock Throttle Body, Home Ported Stock Intake/Plenum, Lightened and Balanced Rotating Assembly, TRW Forged Pistons, std/std crank, Imperial Transmission Cooler, Pat’s 10 ½” 3500 Stall Lock-Up Converter, Neal Racing Transmissions Built Street/Strip BRF Transmission

A couple pics to show condition...


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