help my choose my combo

Tom Tom Turbo

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Jul 10, 2002
I'm in this fight with my dad over my car. He bought it new and sold it to me a few years back. Technically I let him have a say in what goes on the car, but I make the final decision. He thinks that with 77K miles, its too old to be throwing a new turbo, injectors, and such on it. The motor runs fine, its eaten Mobil 1 its whole life, and the tranny shifts smoothly. Its getting a new Eaton posi and the rear suspension has been taken care of as well.

My question is, what is the best turbo for me to go with? I would like the be able to keep the stock converter in place until the tranny dies on me. The car is daily driven so it needs to be reliable. I was thinking of going with a TE44 or TA49 and some 009s or 50s. What are the pros/cons to these and am I making the right choice or should I just crank the boost on the stocker? Thanks!
Tell him I didn't start seriously modding my daily driver until it hit 123K. :D

Didn't start racing it until about 133K. :D

Timing chain should be thought of first.

50's or 57's High Impedance skip the other injectors entirely.

TE44 and some alky. and you are low 12's dependable.

Prolly need a tranny rebuild around 100K if it starts flaring 2-3 on you with the increased power generated with the new combo.

Think about the timing chain and valve springs.