Help please. Runnin Pig rich


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I recently put new heads and cam on my car and when I got it back and running I noticed the car is running super rich as soon as it kicks over. Sometimes it's hard to start if it sits for a while. I had a plain old Extender chip in it with my 60# injectors. I hooked up the T-Pro there was no change. My WB02's hang around 10:1 in open loop.

So far I checked the cam sensor position, replaced a suspected stuck injector, checked all my settings and verified that the IAT sensor was functiioning and that FP was where it should be. I'm using speed density with the T-pro but like I stated before, I was having this problem before I installed the T-Pro.

When the car warms up, the ECM struggles to keep the idle@14.7:1 but really it's all over the place and it's constantly hunting in closed loop.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions