Help shes stallin on me


Mar 26, 2002
in the spring time i pulled out my tta to get it inspected the battery was dead boosted it started right upthe i went a few blocks to get a coffee shut it off forgetting the fact that the battery was still weak well i boosted it started but kept stalling drove away to my freinds shop got a new battery them the car after that felt hesitant like it didmt have full power so i figured bad gas right well not likely i was trying to figure this out well i put the car away then a month later brought it home to mess with it i realized the the fuel pressure was droping right away wounld not hold pressure when u turn off the engine well i back tracked last year of the things i changed which was the fp regulator walbro fuel pump so i realized that the fuel pump was defective so i changed it again and put the hot wire kit which i had from last year but didnt install it ( i really thought that was the problem the hot wire kit) well not likely anyways to cut it short the car has full power but still stalls once in a while even on the highway i noticed the the iac counts were about 78 bit i got it down to about 50 but still too high could it be a vacuum leak and also is there a vacuum line the the turbo gauge somewhere cause i can seem to trace it from the engine where does it run from cause the gauge for the turbo doesnt always work
87 gn stock
87 gn modified
89 tta #688