HELP,Virgin racer @track


Never Finished!!
Mar 12, 2006
never been to the track any quick tips, just installed a air bag, will get good gas, see self done mods below, thanx
I would suggest some form of slick as if you try to build boost on hte line when you go to launch you will just spin.
If your tires are losing traction, you can reduce some air pressure in your rear tires to gain some traction. i would also try to launch with as much boost as possible without losing traction. make sure you run the highest octane gas possible to suppress detonation......... :wink:
1BUICKGN said:
you will want to let off the brake on the last red light... :D

You mean yellow and for the first time I would go one up and take off right as the next to the last yellow light went off and check my R.T. and go from there

Everyhting above the "greenLight" is yellow. One bellow the greenlight is red.

If you have regular radial tires, dont go through the waterbox. Makes the next run ****ty if the guy behind you has slicks.
Make sure you watch before u race.

Before u try to make a pass make sure u know where the staging beams are. When u hit the first beam a yellow light at the top of the tree lights up. Move up a bit more and a second light comes on. Hold it right there u are staged, start building boost as soon as the other guy gets staged and like the other guys said, hit it on the last yellow. Also highly overlooked is knowing where the finish line is. Walk down there if u have to (if allowed) to make sure u know when to let off. Nobody wants to see u go flyin off the property like the Duke Boys! YEEEEEEHAAAAAW! I know at Union Grove U can have a buddy on the starting line to waive u right up to the staging beams. One more thing, if u get lined up next to a car without exhaust...let him leave on you, it does not matter, u wont have a slower ET because ur reaction time was 2 or 3 seconds behind the other guy. U need to be able to hear your car as ur making a pass incase something is wrong. Chances are u will be passin the guy before the end anyway :D .