Help W/ Vac Tubing Ident....


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May 25, 2001
There is a plastic tubing line along the fire wall with a 90 deg rubber end on it, that comes from pass side under heater box. Need to know what it is and where it connects in the engine compartment.
Does it go on a "T" connection on a check valve which is in the same line as the EGR solenoid?

Also the check valve that is suppose to go from the vac source to the fuel canister, are these readily available like at Autozone or are they dealer items? What exactly do I ask for and what size?

Yeah, there's two hard vac lines that come from under the heater box. One goes to the water valve in the heater hoses, the other goes to the vac "tee" you said behind the EGR. Cruise gets it's vacuum from that EGR "tee" also. HTH.

Check valve, hmmm, pretty much a one way valve so anything that fits should work.