help with alky and chip


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I found out that the RA100 chip I have is set at 27deg timing, will that be too much with 93 pump gas and alky. I keep on getting knock.

It might be false though. I will be upgrading to a stretch IC, double roller timing chain and a PT51. Should I just go back to 93 chips. I will also see if the knock is due to a bad motor mount.
I have a RA 100 chip, but I don't know what the timing is. He set it up for alky. I'm running a pte 54, 55lbs injectors etc and with the pump on 10 I am able to run 24-25 in 1st and 2nd and I have it dialed back to 23 lbs in 3rd. I don't get any more than 1.6 degrees of knock.
Well, there is knock, and then there is 'knock'. First you should determine how severe this knock is and where exactly (gear, rpm) you get it. Perhaps it's of a low magnatitude, and therefore can be ignored. But......maybe not.
Also, as you said, it could be so-called "false" knock.
So here's a very general statement: Timing has a direct influence on knock, and severity there of. Whether you can suppress it or not is the question :-)