Hemming's Muscle

rev. 3:11

My copy of the new Hemming's Muscle arrived last night w/ the "Buyer's Guide" article on G/N & GNX. Pretty good article (But I really liked the 83-84 Hurst Olds layout in the 2nd issue and was kind of hoping for a similar side by side comparison of the various TR's). Don't know if it has hit the newsstand yet, but a subscriptionis only $12.00! I did find a LITTLE typo, it seems they have a source for MAF sensors @ $1.50 ea.:eek:
Yeah I noticed the $1.50 MAF also. As bad as the mafs in these cars are, $1.50 is all they're worth. Decent article, it also made the top ten for $10k list. One to toss in the collection for sure.