hiccuping under boost


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alright. yesterday here is what i did to the car.
installed a T63E went on a couple test runs at about 12 psi and all was well. a little laggy due to the puck most likely not sealing very well but it ran great other than that.

then i changed the oil, pcv valve, and installed NGK ur5 plugs gapped at a tight .035. took the car out again and every once in a while the car would hiccup when trying to floor it. after about half a second or so of having the pedal to the floor the car would try to build up boost but would hiccup violently until i let off. floor it again and it would be fine. floor it again and it would hiccup. it does not ever do this when i gradually step into the gas. only when i floor it instantly. i pulled each plug out, checked the gaps and reinstalled them. what would cause this? what should i look into?

something else. . . . . i did turn my alcohol kit on and noticed the turn on led flickering when under boost and not staying fully lit. apparently something electrical is going on, again :rolleyes: . this is most likely an issue just with the alky though. it should be an isolated problem and not cause the car to hiccup like it did. at least last time it was an isolated problem :cool:
Alky kit is dribbling alky into car. Then a big splash makes it's way into engine.
Either use the alky for high boost, or cut it off. Running right at the cut on point may damage your pump. I'm sure this is in your instructions. It was in my SMC kit. Motor could not be spinning, but still getting a little voltage. Not good for an extended time. Either crank it up, or turn it off.