hidden alky


Nov 11, 2001
Thinking of getting a kit from SMC. The only thing I don't like is that BIG white bottle on the fan. I would like to keep the kit as close to OEM looking as possible. Has anybody made something like this or know where to find it? I thought I could use the washer fluid bottle but then I would have to mount the pump and I don't know how hard this would be. I also thought I could just mount the bottle on the front side of the core support and run a longer braided line. Is any of this possible? Please give me some ideas. thanks
I had mine mounted in front of the core on the outside of the frame and could still get to the cap from the hole in front of the battery to fill. With this setup you have to make sure the system is primed before a blast or you'll usually have tipin/transitional knock. This was a bit of a pain for me so I ended up putting it back on the fan support like the instructions.