High Idle after installing new turbo


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Sep 18, 2003
Last night I installed a TE44 and Poston 3" 2pc downpipe (ported stock elbow), with a new oil line, drainback gasket, and composite 3-bolt turbo-to-header gasket.

I fired it up, and the idle in park/neutral was 2400 rpm, in reverse/drive was about 1200 rpm. Waited for about 20-30 seconds to see if it would drop down to normal, then shut it off. The only obvious leak (smoke) was maybe not a leak at all - just at the downpipe joint near the elbow, where I had put some ultra copper sealant.

I'm running a Thrasher, which normally idles at 650 rpm in drive. Also running an LS1 MAF and Translator. Also have a ScanMaster. I checked around underhood, I didn't see any obvious things (like vacuum lines unhooked, etc.)

The only thing I can think of is that I cracked the vacuum elbow which connects to actuator / turbo. Would a vacuum leak at this point, cause this?

Any ideas? Thanks,


the only think i could think of off the toop of my head would be maybe you bumped the tps and its reading out of the .50 volt maximum for idle. when i would try to advance my tps signal for timing advace and max fuel when i would go too far it would kick up the rpm to over 2000. could this be it?
Got it. Found the IAC controller unplugged, must have knocked it off when removing up-pipe. Runs like a champ now, that TE44 sure can melt those Nittos.

Thanks for the help