High volume front cover


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Sep 15, 2003
I was looking at purchasing one of these because my oil pressure is low. I have a question about it, does this raise the volume of your oil pump? Or do you need to buy a new oil pump for it.
Pressure is at 10. Engine has a bad tick that gets worse hotter the engine is. Pressure also gets lower the hotter the engine is also.
Hate to rain on your parade, but a cover ain't gonna help. Time to pull the motor and show it a little love. :eek:
What do you suggest doing? Do you think buying the front cover and oil pump would be a good starting point?

I may have made it sound worse then it is. The pressure stays at 10 through normal use, it just drops to ten when it get warm.
I run the stock oil pump with a booster plate. No need for a big pump in my opinion.

The pressure stays at 10 through out the rpm range or is that just idle?
You should have @ least 10psi of oil per 1000 rpm(idle @ 10 and 5500rpm @ 60 ). Sounds like a bearing has gone south if it is ticking and getting louder the warmer the oil gets.If the gauge is correct the motor is going to need to be gone through and a new oil pump & booster plate for the new motor.IMO

Ok so new oil pump and booster. Should I just get a high volume pump with the cover, which is cheaper and better in the long run.
Ah ok I guess Ill take the advise and do the rebuild. I just dont understand how the car ran strong minus the ticking for so long. Havent had any driving problems and still pulls harder then ever.