Hobbs switch

Sal Lubrano

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I have a Hobbs switch part number 77343 5000 series vacuum switch and I am trying to figure out how to adjust the set point. I know the pressure switch has a screw under the black plug but this is a vacuum switch and it is different. There is no screw under the plug. It has me confused. Anyone know how to adjust these? Here is a link to the honeywell site.

From the data page you posted.

" Type: Direct action blade contact
Contacts: Silver alloy, gold plated
Set Point: Factory set
Vacuum: 1.1 to 22” Hg
Pressure: 30” Hg vacuum max. "

It's factory set and comes in the following settings.

" Standard set points are 2”Hg(27” H2O), 4”Hg, 9”Hg, and 17”Hg "

Non adjustable from that data sheet.