Home theater gurus - Onkyo SR606 or 706?


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I can get a TX-SR606 for $350 or a TX-SR706 for $490. Is the 706 really worth that much more money? My setup is:
Fronts: ESS AMT 1C's
Center: Yamaha 12" 3 way
Surrounds: Solid Soundworks 4" 2 ways
Sub: JBL 1000GTI powered by Triton 250w amp.
Dish Network HD DVR
Magnaxox Blu Ray player with 1080i DVD upconvert.
Samsung HL61A750 TV

My only bigworry about the 606 is the poor upconverting quality of analog signals, but I really don't have to worry about that.
I know very little about home stereo

but if u r going to spend 350 versus 490, get what u want. Hopefully it will last several years and 140 dollars difference over 5 years is not even 30 a year.
I have an Onkyo TX-SR602 and i love it. You cant go wrong with either, so if the 606 has what you need dont spen the extra cabbage on the other.