Hood Trim Removal Procedure


Goin Sideways
Jun 6, 2001
Does anyone have experiance with removing that piece of trim that fits onto the back of the hood? When I say back I mean the edge along the windshield, I want to pull it off and paint it. What is the correct color for the GN trim, satin black?
SEM trim black paint (39144), reduced 100% with a quality lacquer thinner will give you the correct color. SEM trim black is also available in spray can at an automotive refinishing store if you only have one or two items to paint. I removed that trim with a small block of wood 1" x 3". Lay a piece of cloth on the hood against the trim. Hold the block where trim and cloth meet and tap the block with a small head rubber hammer. Make the block long enough so you don't hit the hood with the hammer. :) Keep the edge of the block off the hood surface. Work slowly from one end to the other and back again, if you try to take it from one end all at once, it'll bend. Have fun, we'll see how it is to put it back on, mine's still off.
Thanks for the tip, my trim paint is peeling and I look at it everytime I drive it, bugs the crap outta me.
You can see it while driving, that sucks. Here is the part off the car. Notice it has a weird shape and just clamps on. Pretty tight though. Here is the paint I'm using on all my trim. You can also see how fragile the leading edge is to denting, bending etc...means you don't want to hit it very hard! ;) Hood Trim 004.JPGHood Trim 001.JPGHood Trim 008.JPG