Hot Air Electrical Problem...


May 25, 2001
I have a problem with my 85 T-Type. When I try to start the car it starts (with a jump). The car runs fine and when I accerate it goes strong, but once I let off it dies immediately. Who knows what could be causing this? Could it be the alternator? Any and all suggestions would be apprechiated. Thanks, :cool:
kinda sounds that way (alt) once you jump it it will have enough power to run it but once you get down on voltage the comp. will shut down between 7 and 8 volts.
dont know if you like working on it much i just bought a new regulator for mine like $10 from autozone and put it in my alternator and its under warranty but i've only changed it once under warranty but im pulling too much current from it so i expect it to get cooked..

full power options
2 amps pushing sounds out