How about a "vs" forum?


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Mar 25, 2005
Mendon, Ma
Always seems to make for interesting reading when these "versus" threads pop up, ie journal vs ball bearing, lock up vs non, 3" vs 3.5" dp, ls1 vs lt1 maf, Haley Orrantia vs Mila Kunis :oops::stop: etc etc.. Would be nice to have em all in one forum. there was talk of doing it about 10 years ago but was thought to be too difficult to round up all the existing threads, not sure if there's an easier way these days, maybe have readers tag em or whatever as they pop up in searches etc??


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Oct 31, 2007
Alright... You made me look up Hayley Orrantia.

Mila wins!

The other gal has all the makings of a wide-body model when she becomes older.
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