how do i find my fuel filter?


Jul 25, 2009
I have a 83 t type with a 87 GN motor and wanna change the fuel filter. But i cant find it anybody know where its located?
on the inside of the frame rail on the driver side, in front of the back tire. i have an 86 and that is where mine is.
thats what people are telling me, but im having a hard time locating it. how do i get to it? or is it different because its a 83?
trace the fuel line

You'll have to trace the line from the tank. Org. in 83 it should have been in the carb, now that its fuel injected its kinda up to the person who put the car together. Goodluck Mike
Big question is whoever did the swap, did they retrofit the inline fuel filter inside the frame just forward of the left rear lower control arm? If so it will be a round filter, such as the one I posted in the pic below.

Was your hybrid originally a n/a car? If so originally the fuel filter would have been in the carb...on a turbo carbed car from '83 I'm not really sure.

Trace the hard steel fuel line from the tank back along the frame and see if the filter is inline or not. Also FWIW if they installed a fuel tank for a fuel injected TR (they're not the same as the ones used on the carbed Regals) there is a fuel sock in the tank.



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If it has a filter??

The early hot air cars had them on the front of the motor by the timing cover. IF you have one, it could be anywhere.