How do I post pictures?

T- Type Tim

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Jul 8, 2001
I finally got a couple of pictures yesterday, I think you guys might like to see them. I did save them to my hard drive, but I am at a loss for trying to get them on here.
Tim, I'm guessing they're fairly large pictures? You can just attach picture files to your posts (one pic per post) but the file size must be 51,200 bytes or less! Do you have a photo program that you can crop the pictures down and/or re-size them? I've found that cropping out the unnecessary border and saving pics as a jpeg using using fairly high compression (or low quality, so to speak) results in okay pictures that average about 45,000 bytes!
I'll try this it might be too big a file


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Well? what do you guys think? I have'nt really shown any pictures to other 85'84 owners. It runs good , seat of the pants guessing... low 13s on 91 oct @ 16#s.
I like it i looks pretty sweet, nice looking engine but whats with the silver rap on the sperco pipes . I think its going to go faster then what you think i can get low 13's with my pig not tuned at 16psi and it looks that you have a little more work then my i think.

i still cant get the size of the pic right to get it on here , glad you got it.:D