How do you secure the 2 pieces of a 3" downpipe?


Jul 2, 2001
I bought a used 2 piece 3" downpipe and need to know how to secure the curved part to the rest of the pipe. I don't see any evidence of clamp marks.
For mine I used a 3" muffler clamp, I also had to squirt a little muffler cement to reduce a leak I had there, Definately recommend the cement
I installed mine, test fitted it, got everything mocked up just like I wanted it, then marked it, removed it and had the seam welded solid. After the ceramic coating, it looks like a million bucks. Still much cheaper than a THDP. I'll give up that tenth. :D
John Larkin,That was what I xouldn't figure out what to do.

Thanks for the advice even though it wasn't meant for me.
I'll give a .10 also :)