How do you set up the paperclip trick


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Jul 25, 2001
I heard about the paperclip to lock up the converter and was wondering how it was done?
Locate the ALDL (diagnostic link connector) under the dash next to the radio pod.

The converter clutch (TCC) can be forced to lock by connecting the upper rightmost & upper leftmost terminals in the connector. It will cause the TCC to apply as the transmission shifts into second gear.

A simple toggle switch and some wire is actually a better deal than the paperclip because you can then easily lock the converter up after the third gear shift which is more desireable.
Do I just make it where the paperclip is touching both terminals or is there some kind of trick to it? Thanks
The paperclip needs to touch both terminals to complete the circuit. If you have tried that ,and it still does not work, you will have to troubleshoot further.
This is a hacker ,backyard, rube goldberg, redneck, way to do things. like Greg said a switch is the best if not the ECM..