How do you take off the chrome trim on a limited T?


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Aug 28, 2004
I'm looking to repaint my car and save some money. How do you remove the chrome trim, and what's the best way to do it? Should it just be masked off or removed? Also, any good guides to prepping a car for paint out there? Thanks!
Is it a t-top car or hard top either way doulble sided foam tape and screws hold them on and believe you me there a pain to take off 18 yrs. and that foam stuff wasn't lettin go, invested in a heat gun much easier, its really up to you how good you want your job to look, but after that you have to remove the 2 sided stuff off the trim and replace believe me its a job which thank god i am almost over, if ya have side mouldings same thing but are held in with rivets those are a real pain."Good luck".
It's a T-Top car. How do you get the chrome trim off of the wheels wells, and how do you recommend peeling off all of the double sided taped trim?